CCISS is a reliable support center for the international students at all ages and provides services and programs to assist you throughout your time in Canada. We are dedicated to helping international and exchange students adjust to life in Canada and help them get the most out of their student experience.




Our advisors and counselors have the knowledge and expertise to guide international students concerning language and academic tutoring support, university application and credit transfer, assay/article editing, immigration, working, proof of enrollment, health insurance, social/academic challenges, homestay, travelling and more.

New Student Package

We will provide you with one-stop services covering all aspects that a new arrival requires.

Academic Support

We assist students in school and scholarship application, credit transfer and academic tutoring. 

Outdoor Activities

Activities for students on weekly basis, including field trips, university open houses, etc.

Academic Planning

One-stop services for students to select their programs and schools in postsecondary education.

Homestay Referral

We are building a large homestay network across Canada, offering quality services. 

Professional Custodianship

We perform legal custodian duty to enhance students' experiences in Canada.

Student Service

We provide study/work permit application or extension, medical consultation and a wide range of students services. 

Career Development Service

Professionals from a variety of industries and background assist students in establishing their career.

Student Immigration Service

Our lawyers provide international students with consultancy services on immigration programs.

Centre for the Canadian International Student Services