Student Training Program - CCISS Gateway to Banking and Finance Employment Program

November 24, 2016   CCISS



The CCISS Gateway to Banking and Finance Employment Program is aimed at helping undergraduates and postgraduates start their careers in the banking/finance industry through in-class training and employment support. Participants will learn fundamental customer service skills, financial analyst skills, Canadian workplace culture and receive job search training. In addition, participants will be offered job or placement opportunities provided by employer partners as well as one-on-one employment counseling and coaching. The duration of training is 7 weeks.



CCISS works with Stocial Bank, TD Canada Trust, RBC Bank and a group of employer partners to deliver this program.



If you are interested in pursuing a career in the banking/finance industry, this is the program for you!


Fee for this training is $980 plus tax. To register for the program, please contact us by or Wechat myCISS.


Registration Deadline: December 29, 2016.