Only half an hour! ! ! ! The Ontario Master nomination is full! ! !

Posted Date: October 13, 2017  CCISS

For a long time, compared with undergraduates, most of them will choose to stay in Canada after graduation. On the one hand, it is easier for undergraduates to find jobs; on the other hand, Ontario has always had its own immigration policy: OINP. But now, with the increasing number of people, OINP has also had problems such as the lack of quotas.

On October 12th, the OINP official website updated the latest policy, which also made this policy more confusing.

Many people predict that the OINP window for doctors and masters will be open soon, which is really good news for those who have not waited for many opportunities.

However, the good times are not long! Only half an hour after the system was opened, the system was closed again: the entrance to the master's graduates has reached the limit!

In the end, there are still many people who regret it. Today, OINP system still keeps many people confused. Here, we advise everyone to wait for OINP compatriots. If OINP has no choice, EE (Express Entry) is also a good choice!