2018 Air Balloon Festival

April 09, 2018   CCISS

I still remember that the Air Balloon Festival last year in Montreal, many students have become regrettable because of the long distance. This year, annual air balloon festival will be held in Ottawa, Ontario. I hope that this year’s friends with ideas will not miss it!


Similar to the previous hot air balloon festival, the hot air balloon has a variety of shapes, a variety of animal shapes, celebrity shapes, and the shape of each country. It will be very spectacular when it rises at night.

Those who want to take a hot air balloon can also book online in advance, although not in the hot air balloon capital of Turkey, but in Canada you can still experience a different feeling~



Not only can you watch and ride hot air balloons, but also show shows, classic auto shows, and fireworks in the evening~

The friends rushed to mark the date: August 30-September 3. To book a hot air balloon or for more information, please visit