Mississauga Multicultural Festival

May 03, 2018   CCISS

The annual Mississauga Multicultural Festival and exhibitions, this year has entered its 31st year. This grand celebration of the city will be held simultaneously on May 27-29, at three venues in different locations in Mississauga. The Mississauga Multicultural Festival was created in 1985 by Ms. Hazel McCallion, Mayor of Mississauga, with the aim of promoting mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among different ethnic groups.

This year's [Chinese Culture Center] was hosted by the Mississauga Chinese Association and received the Dewey College, the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto, the China Tourism Office in Toronto, and the Royal Bank of Canada. The venue is located in Hershey SportZone, Mississauga, 5600 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 4B6. This venue is the total venue of the festival, and it can simultaneously watch more than ten other national ethnic performances and various cultural activities.


During the three-day festival, the audience will enjoy performances full of Chinese traditional culture. There will also be a number of stalls selling traditional items in the venue, so that the audience can purchase the favorite items. A variety of traditional cuisine, lion dance, Tai Chi and comprehensive large-scale martial arts performances, the teachers and volunteers of the Tzu Chi Foundation will perform tea ceremony and flower performances at the venue to deepen the audience's understanding of Chinese culture and provide the indispensable Chinese traditional culture for the audience. feast.


This year, the conference also invited the Mississauga Chinese Art Troupe, Feng Cai Art Troupe, Ye Fang Children's Dance Garden, Yuanyin Guzheng, Hurricane Band, Xintiandi Seniors Association, Jiahua Seniors Association and Fenghua Seniors Association, Tongle Seniors Friendship, etc., participated in the performance of a variety of Chinese folk songs and dances. Such a rich program will definitely make this year's "Chinese Culture Museum" shine and become a glory shared by Chinese people, making the 31st Multicultural Festival more colorful. The pre-sale admission pass is available for sale at the designated location. The Mississauga Chinese Association (16 Maritime Plaza, Mi City) also has a sale. Holders of the admission badge can visit different ethnic venues indefinitely. Pre-purchase admission tickets before 6 pm on May 27 will cost only $10 (children aged 12 and under will be admitted free of charge by ticket holders). If you purchase tickets at the entrance of the venue, you will be charged $12