24/7 Call Centre Opening Ceremony Press Conference & Forum

August 27, 2018   CCISS


On August 22nd, the opening ceremony press conference of the International Student Service Call Center was held at the North York Civic Center in Toronto. More than 100 participants attended the Opening Ceremony, including the representatives of government officials from the Federal Government of Canada, Province of Ontario and City of Toronto, General Council in Toronto, Toronto Police, the Canada China Business Council, the Council of Newcomer Organizations, student representatives from University of Toronto, York University and Western University, as well as local media, lawyers, study and immigration agents, guardians, homestay hosts and international students, witnessed this important and exciting moments.


The Press conference was hosted by the Centre for the Canadian International Student Services (CCISS), a full-service organization established in 2013 and headquartered in Toronto. The opening remarks were greeted by Mr. Daniel Huang, Executive Director of the Center, followed by guest speakers representative from the Member of Parliament of Canada Shaun Chen Office, Ms. Kaylee Mak, Member of Provincial Parliament of Ontario Stan Cho, representative from the Member of Parliament of Canada Vincent Ke Office, Ms. Charity McGrath, Ontario Chapter Director of Canada China Business Council, Mr. Noah Fraser, Co-Chairperson of the Council of Newcomer Organizations , Ms. Yu Ying, CCISS Senior Legal Advisor, Mr. Robert Shuster, Police Community Partnerships & Engagement Unit (CPEU), Police Constable Xiaobo Li Toronto, President of CHRW 94.9 Chinese Perspective Radio Station at Western University, Mr. Nick Leung, , Homestay Hosts Representative, Mr. David Carruthers and Chairman of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of York University, Ms. Cathy Liu, delivered warm greeting messages to CCISS. In addition, Member of the Canadian Federal Parliament, Mr. Ali Ehsassi, City Councilman of Richmond, Canada, Chairman of the Municipal Economic and Trade Development Committee, National Director of the Consider Canada City Alliance Inc. (CCCA), Mr. Godwin Chan, Chairman of the Canadian Conservative Party of Mississauga, and the Canada Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, Mr. Frank Fang, the Consulate General of Colombia in Toronto, and more than 20 well-known Chinese education institutions including New Oriental, EIC Education, New Channel, Guangzhou HaiTu Overseas Student Internet Technology Co., Ltd., Weibo Education and Mei Xun, also sent a congratulatory letter to this press conference.

Based on excellent education quality, relatively low tuition fees, a safety social environment, an open and friendly international student policy, Canada has become the first choice for students worldwide to study abroad in recent years. The total number of international students has exceeded 400,000 as part of a multicultural society. With the increase in the number of international students, especially those who are in a young age, there are lots of needs for international students in daily life, academic and career perspectives. Mr. Daniel Huang, CCISS Executive Director, pointed out in his welcome speech, "CCISS, established in 2013, has provided services to thousands of international students in Canada and has built a platform for the partnerships with more than 50 Chinese study agencies, schools and homestay families. The new operation of the call centre is a comprehensive service platform connecting the daily life, academic counselling and planning, career development, immigration and legal aid for international students. It will provide a more convenient and comprehensive service for international students and their parents."


Dr. Michael Zheng, CEO of CCISS, said in an interview that “foreign students and parents are eager for quality and systematic services, and they are eager for a trustworthy and reliable service organization. CCISS was founded to let those students who are far away from their parents, get enough resources and supports and social concerns and grow healthily and happily in Canada."
The reporter learned that the Center for Canadian International Student Service pays attention to the social responsibility, actively responds to and participates in the “Safe Study Abroad” campaign advocated by the Chinese Embassy in Canada and is obliged to provide consular protection liaison for international students, organize local legal experts in Toronto and provide legal advisory for international students.


The call centre was opened on August 22, 2018 to all international students and parents in Canada. The direct call in North America is 1-855-484-1881, toll-free call in China is 950-4032 -4273 and it is available in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


CCISS 24/7 International Student Call Centre Unveiling Ceremony


Mr. Daniel Huang, CCISS Executive Director


Ms. Kaylee Mak from MP Shaun Chen Office


MPP Stan Cho


Ms. Charity McGrath from MPP Vincent Ke Office


Mr. Noah Fraser, Ontario Chapter Director, Canada China Business Council


Toronto Police Constable Xiaobo Li


Ms. Ying Yu, Co-Chairperson, Council of Newcomer Organizations


Mr. Robert Shuster, CCISS Senior Legal Advisor


Mr. David Carruthers, Representative of Homestay Hosts


Mr. Nick Leung, President, CHRW94.9 Chinese Perspectives Radio Station at Western University


Ms. Cathy Liu, President, York University Chinese Students and Scholars Association


Guest Speakers for CCISS 24/7 Call Centre Opening Ceremony Press Conference


Centre for Canadian International Student Services Staffs



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